Spirit Legends: Finding Balanc‪e‬ (Free to Play)

Game Summary

Price: Free To Play
Game description

A young girl finished her training to become a Guardian of Harmony. But her initiation goes nothing as planned. She was going to meet the king. But because someone is plotting revenge in the kingdom, and the mysterious assassin is on the loose, the girl will have to be strong. A dark brotherhood is plotting something behind the scenes, and you are the only one who can help the girl navigate this world of gossip and secrets! Grab your bestiary and start your adventure full of secrets and mystery in this exciting hidden object adventure!


✔️ Stop the evil Queen to save the forest and help fairies!

✔️ Look around for helpful healing potions and runes that you can collect to earn achievements!

✔️ Gather different collectible trinkets on beautiful locations, to keep the game in memory!

✔️ Visit the extra menu and be amazed with different bonuses!