Spirit Legends: Find Balanc‪e‬ Collector’s Edition

Game Summary

Price: $6.99
Game description

The girl named Aileen became a part of the Guardians of Harmony but her meeting with the king turned out to be the worst moment in her life. Why did it happen? Because she is in the centre of the revenge plot and is afraid of seeing how the kingdom will be torn apart by evil. The mysterious assassin is on the loose and the dark brotherhood is planning something mysterious, So you need to grab the Bestiary and help Aileen to get through this journey full of intrigues in this fascinating hidden object puzzle game! Be ready to master all your spells and to search all the hidden objects and necessary treasures!

✔️ Save the forest and help the fairy creatures to stop the queen Magret!

✔️ You have to find the correct healing potion and match all the magical runes in this captivating game! So get all the achievements and be the best Seeker of all times!

✔️ Find all the hidden items and collect them from the magic forest while playing this puzzle game!

✔️ Enjoy the exclusive content from the developer: from music to concept art! Also you can find some videos where the dragon Memphis was stopped!

✔️ Our handy Strategy Guide is always ready to help you! Do not hesitate to use it!