Royal Legends Marshes Curse Collector’s Edition

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for Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
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Recently in the small provincial town of Liberville, the number of people missing has increased. As the King's advisor, you have been sent to deal with the situation as the local authorities have lost control over it. The locals blame the Swamp Witch, as they believe she has returned to avenge her death! But no one has ever seen her or her cabin in the woods! What lurks in Liberville? Embark on a chilling adventure to uncover the secrets of this small town!


  • ✔️ Unique concept art, soundtracks, and wallpapers await you in our exciting new game!

  • ✔️ Play Bonus Chapter to uncover the truth!

  • ✔️ Collect collectibles and search for morphing objects!

  • ✔️ Find out who's kidnapping and why!