Mystery Tales: The Twilight World Collector’s Edition

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Game description

You and your daughter have traveled for a long time. The road was existing, so when you encounter a small hotel near the road, you do not hesitate to stop and rest. You settle in your room just before your daughter gets kidnapped by evil witches and taken to another world. So now you have to chase them in order to save your child. It will not be easy, because on your way you encounter other victims that fell under the witches’ evil spells, and they beg you to help them. Can you save everyone, or will your daughter become the next victim of a witch? Find out in this chilling mysterious hidden object quest!

This is a Collector’s Edition. This version of the game contains materials that are not available anywhere else.

This Collector’s Edition provides you with: 

✔️A new challenge in the bonus chapter!

✔️Other bonus materials you can find in the extra menu of the game!

✔️A great list of achievements and collectible artifacts!

✔️A Strategy Guide to help you solve puzzles and riddles!