Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope Collector’s Edition

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Game description

A great tragedy happened in your family several years ago. You’ve lost your sister, Margaret. She lived with her husband in a small village somewhere in the mountains. Her husband named Emmet couldn’t overcome his loss, so he left the village. Nobody knew where he went.


Years have passed, and the tragedy is now forgotten. But something moves in your heart when you see a letter, written to you, allegedly, by your sister. How can this be? Driven by hope, you travel to the small town where she lived and where she was buried. Play this thrilling hidden object adventure and find out who is waiting for you in the village. Are you in danger? 


This game is Collector’s Edition, meaning that it has a lot of bonus materials that are not available anywhere else:


✔️Learn another tragic story in the bonus game!

✔️Earn achievements, decorate your own zoo and use the shop!

✔️Play your favorite mini-games and hidden object scenes over and over again!

✔️Visit the Extra menu and enjoy lots of bonus content!