Secret City: Mysterious Collection (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

The Secret City’s trusted detective - you - is on a new case! But this one is not like the others. Your friend and your companion that you’ve worked with previously is now a victim! He disappeared on one of his investigations, and you rush to find him. Soon you find out that he is being controlled by a powerful artifact, and now the whole city is on the verge of destruction. Stopping the disaster may seem like a difficult task for one person. But if anyone can save the city, it’s you. So grab your gear and go on a new adventure in this exciting hidden object game!


✔️ You must save the city from an evil mastermind that controls dangerous artifacts!

✔️ Play puzzles, mini-games and look for objects to sharpen your skills!

✔️ Find out how to earn achievements and gather a beautiful collection of artifacts!

✔️ Visit the extra menu to download a variety of bonuses!