Secret City: Mysterious Collection Collector's Edition

Game Summary

Price: $6.99
Game description

This time around you rush to the Secret City especially fast, because the unsolved case involves your good friend. The person who was helping you uncover mysteries in the past is now missing himself! Naturally, you want to find your friend and make sure that he is okay. But when you eventually find him, you realize that this case is far from being solved. A dangerous artifact is controlling his mind. You are the only one that can get to the bottom of this convoluted case and avoid the destruction of the Secret City. Are you brave enough? Challenge yourself in this captivating hidden-object quest!


✔️Play the bonus level and become a hero yet again! The Secret City is about to be revealed to humans, and you can’t let this happen!

✔️Try out many challenging puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers to earn achievements!

✔️Be thorough during your investigation not to miss collectible items!

✔️If you hit a dead-end, use a helpful Strategy Guide!