Labyrinths of the World: Fools Gold (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

A new adventure in Ireland! You are excited to go and help your friend - an expert in Irish mythology - study her favorite subject! A new Leprechaun museum welcomes both of you, but then something totally unexpected happens. Your friend makes a wish on a pot of gold, and then disappears! You quickly find out that she was transported to another world! Someone kidnaps humans into the world of Leprechauns, but why? You have to find out in order to save your friend! Follow her into this strange new realm and uncover all its secrets before the time finds out! Play this blood-chilling adventure!

✔️The bonus chapter is waiting for its hero! Capture a failed student of magic before he destroys the world! Assemble ancient magical artifacts to keep them safe from criminal hands! Use your power responsibly.

✔️Be attentive in your search for solutions! You may find a variety of beautiful collectible artifacts and trinkets.

✔️Earn different achievements by playing and replaying our mini-games and puzzles!

✔️Visit the extra menu and be amazed by exclusive bonus content!