Halloween Chronicles: Cursed Family Collector’s Edition

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Price: $5.99 -$19.99
Game description

Your uncle invites you to visit him after a few years so you could meet his family and spend the spooky holiday with them. And you are more than happy to go for a visit and spend time with him. Your beloved uncle was always a little eccentric, but you quickly find out that something sinister is happening to him. Even his own family has no idea what is happening, so you need to unite and get to the bottom of this mystery. Something evil is looming over the whole town, and your skill of puzzle-solving and deduction can help save everyone in this special spooky hidden-object quest!

Plunge into an incredible adventure:

✔️Turn a vampire back to human in the Bonus game

✔️Decorate your own coffin by replaying brain teasers!

✔️Find a number of cursed items for your collection!

✔️Visit the extra menu to find out what other bonuses there are!

✔️Use a Strategy Guide to play!