Enchanted Kingdom: Frost Curse (Free to Play)

Game Summary

Price: Free To Play
Game description

The great King is dead and since you are his son, it is your turn to rule the Empire!

However, your official reign will not begin soon, as the coronation ceremony has been disrupted because a frigid foe attacks the kingdom. Your father's crown is wanted by the evil relative who owns dark magic. His plans are to take over the kingdom and turn it into a kingdom of ice. Can you stop the enemy and save your own home and people?

  • ✔️ Catch an enigmatic knight in the bonus chapter!

  • ✔️ Play again your favorite HOPs and mini-games and get many awards!

  • ✔️ Gather games and buy special things to decorate your aquarium!

  • ✔️ Exclusive wallpapers, art, music, videos, and more are specially for you!

  • ✔️ You will always be sure where to go with the strategy guide!