Dark Romance: Winter Lily (Free to Play)

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Price: Free To Play
Game description

The war breaks out when the evil queen tries to conquer two neighboring kingdoms and suck out the life force out of their residents. So, to prevent the tragedy from happening, you have to control the actions of the ruler of Lanceya and her highness of Winterhelm, because only together they can win and withstand the threat of ice-cold magic. Become a hero of this breathtaking hidden-object adventure for absolutely free! Complete this gripping quest in one of the new installments of the Dark Romance series.

For the good quality and overwhelmingly positive reaction from the Game Club beta testers, this game was awarded the title of “Big Fish Editor’s Choice”. Curious what they said?

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This game is one of the best for sure. I love how you can play 2 characters at the same time. The plot gripped me right away. There is a variety of HOPs, nothing stops at just point and click. If you wish, you can play a match-3 level instead, but I promise, the HOPs ate too interesting for that.”  – Robin, Beta Tester


I liked it very much. I’ve already bought every other game in this series, and this one is going to be a must-add to my collection. Can’t wait to get it!” – Zoe, Beta Tester


Outsmart the Evil Queen in this fun hidden object adventure.


✔️Take a look into Nivella’s past in the Bonus Level!

✔️Keep an eye out for chess pieces and other hidden treasures!

✔️Decorate your chambers by finding lilies on colorful levels of the game.

✔️You can play your favorite mini-games again.

✔️Extra music, art, and wallpaper are waiting for you!