Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector’s Edition

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Game description

Emily and Enron are happily in love and the future is bright for them. But Enron is not completely honest with his love. He wants to come clean before his beloved woman, but as he tries to do so, she is kidnapped!

Everything shows that Emily was taken from her home illegally, there are no witnesses to the crime, and no one knows who is behind the kidnapping.

And while Enron is looking for evidence, she comes to her senses in the dark dusty basement full of coffins. A child ghost tells her that she is in danger and needs to escape before the worst happens. Now two lovebirds need to fight unknown forces to reunite. Are they strong enough to do this? Find out in Dark Romance: Vampire In Love Collector’s Edition.

This is a Collector’s Edition that can provide you with unique memorable things. 

✔️Find the villain behind Emily’s abduction!

✔️Play as both lovers!

✔️Solve puzzles and get rewards!

✔️Replay your favorite games!

✔️Great variety of extras!