Dark Romance: The Monster Within Collector’s Edition

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Price: $5.99 - $19.99
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Your beloved Sybil is losing her humanity, turning into an ugly monster you have never seen before. It is obvious that the cause of such rapid change is her self-portrait that she received a few days before. You have no other choice but to work together to find out who cursed her and caused you this pain. Also, you need a special cure to reverse the change before it becomes permanent. You’ll need all your skill to chase down the villain and stop whatever he is planning. Solve riddles and puzzles, play many exciting mini-games in this thrilling hidden-object romance adventure – Dark Romance: The Monster Within Collector’s Edition.  


In this Collector’s Edition only:

✔️Play a bonus game and save your sister from another villain!

✔️Keep an eye out for changing artifacts and beautiful brushes scattered around different locations!

✔️Earn achievements easily by replaying your favorite mono-games!

✔️Gather and keep a collection of other cursed paintings if you are brave enough!

✔️Bonus content is waiting for you in the extra menu of the game!