Dark Romance: The Swan Sonata Collector’s Edition

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Price: $19.99
Game description

Your wedding day has turned into a disaster and even your future husband doesn’t know what happened. You needed a blessing from your grandmother to get married to a kind prince, but the court magician decides to attack! The Dark Romance series continues with this beautiful adventure, so you’ll need to reclaim your rightful position near your beloved prince. That is if you are not playing as him. The unique feature of this game is that you can experience the story from both perspectives. Have fun with fantastical HOPs in different styles! This is the Collector's Edition of the game, so you get tons of extras along with the base quest: find feathers on colorful locations to unlock items in your boudoir, look for collectible statues, gather notes and pieces of the stained-glass puzzle, and other mysterious little treasures.

✔️Become a mermaid in the Bonus Game!

✔️Look for feathers and solve puzzles to earn achievements!

✔️Use a Strategy Guide if stuck!

✔️Have fun with extra music, art, and more!

✔️Play lots of fun mini-games, puzzles, and HOPs!