Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Collector’s Edition

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Your father's condition has worsened. There is only one cure - the fabled Rose of Life, but the problem is that it grows only in the kingdom. Many people are chasing after this flower - the evil witch Claudine wants to be evergreen and steals it from a prince. She is unstoppable and will fight against anybody who decides to take the Rose away from her. To win you have to team up with the prince!

✔️ Collect extra hidden objects!

✔️ Get all the achievements!

✔️ Extras are waiting for you!

✔️ Play the Bonus Chapter!

See the reviews of the Big Fish Games beta testers:


“I really love the bright graphics of the game! The plot is so interesting and deserves all five stars!”  – Lana, Beta Tester

“This game is so cool! So many brain-teasing puzzles that you can play. Highly recommend this game to anyone!” – Anne, Beta Tester