Criminal Archives: City on Fire Collector's Edition

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for Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

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Price: $9.99
Game description

San Francisco is a beautiful city full of amazing people. However, happy days have a tendency to end. The chain of cruel murders frighten the local people. There is someone called the Plague Doctor, and he is coming for destruction. The people are waiting for help and a hero, who is ready to challenge the darkness and save San Francisco. No doubt, this hero is you. With a partner, constable Melinda Watson, you should be careful not to get into lies and outrages. Find the enemy that hides his face behind the mask of the Plague Doctor. And do justice unless the city falls under the onslaught of the enemy!


  • ✔️ You face the violent moneylender in the bonus chapter!

  • ✔️ Get achievements in your liked mini-games!

  • ✔️ Want to know the whole story of San Francisco? Then collect morphing objects!

  • ✔️ A useful Strategy Guide can help if you get  lost!