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Game Designer for F2P Projects

As a Game Designer for F2P Projects, you will be working in a team of experienced developers on exciting and innovative games developed for PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. We are looking for driven and experienced workers capable of performing in a dynamic environment and collaborating with other members of a multi-disciplinary team.


  • Design and prototype core gameplay systems
  • Implement and balance gameplay features from initial design to final polish
  • Create and maintain internal design documentation, including feature specifications and implementation guides
  • Collaborate with the team to ensure the implementation of systems into actual gameplay and maintain overall balance between multiple gameplay systems
  • Iterate, balance and tune gameplay features based on ideas and feedback from team, QA and play testing during the whole production.

Required Skills

  • Experience balancing complex gameplay systems
  • Ability to deliver under deadlines and time constraints
  • Avid gamer with knowledge and understanding of various games and game types
  • Experience with free to play title development.

If you are interested in this job and want to work in our team, please send a note to: job@dominigames.com

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