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Enchanted Kingdom: Brand New Series of Games

A fantasy world where magic is a part of everyday life… This is the Tar Empire. Ruled by a wise empress Patricia Tar-Liss, this Empire has reached complete harmony and peace.

Dark sorcerers used to rule the separate kingdoms, they did terrible things and kept the people in terror. White sorcerers, led by Patricia’s father, have started a riot and took over. The Carven Magic Code, which restricted the use of magic, was created. Carven Tar-Liss has become the first Emperor, united the kingdom and the Tar Empire was created. Patricia is the righteous heir to the throne. The Emperors are obligated to control the execution of the Carven Magic Code and keep the magic energy balanced. Black magic is prohibited, every violation of magic balance or use of black magic is considered a crime. The criminals are sent to the Talahari anti-magic prison.

But even in this happy and quiet land there’s place for violation. And there are always heroes who are ready to help the people and save the Empire! Try yourself in our new game Enchanted Kingdom: A Dark Seed Collector’s Edition, where you will play as a powerful doctor facing a strange disease known as Dark Seed. Enjoy bright landscapes of the Tar Empire, solve intriguing problems and prove yourself to be a real hero!

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