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Bright Tap: Test Your Reaction!

Release date: Nov. 1, 2017

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Welcome to Bright Tap, an addictive game that tests the limits of your reaction. Work your ability to make quick decisions and focus!

It’s a great way to spend your free time with fun and a strong training for your reaction abilities. It has brand new unique gameplay, which you won’t find anywhere else!


In each mode you will have to perform different actions but with the same core. You will see a figure or its detail on top of your screen. Use it to assemble or disassemble stable and rotating geometrical figures. You may also look for the figure’s missing parts, or choose matching symbols. Each playing mode has 100 difficulty levels starting from the easiest one up to the trickiest. Each level starts with a quick and clear tutorial, so you won’t waste time on trying to understands the mechanics. After every level you may get up to 3 stars. If you want to concentrate on the game, you may well choose the Endless Mode. It has no time limit, so you may enjoy it as long as you like, until you make a mistake.

Track your progress to become the best player on the Leadership Board! There’re lots of achievements that you can obtain by completing different tasks. Every day you will receive a new task, which you will have to complete to earn bonuses. If you come back in the game every 24 hours, you can spin a wheel and get a surprise award.


  • Unique Gameplay
  • Different modes of playing
  • Each mode has a huge range of levels with increasing difficulty
  • Endless mode of playing
  • Leadership Charts
  • Achievements
  • Everyday Rewards
  • Balanced colors, which won’t make your eyes ache
  • Enjoyable unobtrusive music

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