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About Us

DominiGames is known for its vibrant and well-thought-out games for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. But if you are looking for free hidden objects games for PC, you can find them here also! 

The majority of their hidden object games that you can find in a mobile store are also available for your computer.  So if you prefer to enjoy a good game for PC in the comfort of your own home, feel free to check out this list. Here we’ve compiled a few of DominiGames best creations to help you choose a game that suits your taste perfectly.


Spirit Legends: Solar Eclipse



A second installment of the Spirit Legends series sends you on an important mission to save your fellow monster hunter. Pascal was wounded on his hunt, but when you come to the rescue, you quickly find out that there is more to the story than meets the eye. 

Trolls are roaming the countryside in hopes to find a monster hunter and execute their evil plan. They seek vengeance for the death of their queen who perished in the first rays of sunlight and aim to destroy the spirit of Sun and Moon. 

You are the only one who can stop them, so gather your companions and embark on a quest of the century! With the help of your wife and your trusted Bestiary, you can solve all of the hidden object puzzles needed to stop the trolls.  

Enjoy beautiful art, great music, and charming characters!


Labyrinths Of The World: Hearts Of The Planet


This hidden objects adventure is going to take you to Norway! Or is it? This is the game from the Labyrinths Of The World series, so nothing is that simple! You and your partner fall into the portal that transports you to a dimension full of magical creatures and great technology. 

Pretty much immediately you lose your partner amidst the chaos and find out that the inhabitants of this world are turning hostile to humans. And now you have to find your way back to your world. But not before you rescue your friend! Are you capable enough to outsmart everyone who wants to stop you? Play this fun hidden object game and find out!


Fatal Evidence: The Missing


Do you enjoy murder mysteries? If you do, this game is going to just what the doctor ordered! Prepare to dive into a chilling adventure with loads of plot twists and blood-curdling secrets. 

Your life is completely ordinary, until one day you turn on your TV and see the news. The reporter is talking about your brother! More than that, your brother is accused of kidnapping his own wife. How could this be real? You know him, and he would never do such a thing! You rush over to help, and now you’re his only hope for justice. Can you find new clues where the police have already searched everything up and down? Show your whits in this awesome hidden object game.


Dark Romance: Kingdom of Death


Time for some Greek mythology!  It is just as convoluted and dramatic as in the original, but now it also has romance in the mix. The Dark Romance series is known for its love-driven stories, and here nothing is different.

Hades snatches Persephone into the Underworld and her betrothal is ruined. Why? Of course, because Hades and Poseidon together plan Zeuses doom. And while Zeus is too busy trying to stop Hades from concurring the human world, Persephone realizes that it’s up to her to become her own savior. She and her true love Elias to find a way home for her. And you, as their smart and wise guide is going to help them!


Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope


This installment of the Mystery Tales series is going to send chills down your spine! A few years ago you suffered a terrible tragedy and lost your beloved sister Margaret. After her death, her husband Emmet, who was overcome by grief, disappeared into the mountains near their hometown.

Time went by, you’ve recovered. And then out of the blue, you receive a letter from your missing brother in law. He invites you to meet your dead sister and you are too intrigued to refuse. You go to the village of Reagan, to a place where your sister lived and died. What secrets does it hide?


This is not all of the games we would like to tell you about, so stay tuned for our next posts! Hopefully, this small list can help you find a game that you’ll love.