fbpx All Saints’ Day is Inevitable to Come!
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All Saints’ Day is Inevitable to Come!

Most children await the night of October, 31 with a chilling interest and excitement. Creating Jack-o-Lanterns, going trick-o-treating, decorating the houses with spooky pumpkins, spiders and witches is always fun! There’s nothing so much terrifying in Halloween, it’s the time of family reunions, having fun, activities and tasty dishes. But be careful to notice some ominous signs… Like a strange green haze in Riverstown where you arrive to visit your Dad to celebrate Halloween. The events rapidly take a dark turn when you see a harlequin doll revive in order to release all the monsters from their captivity. You are now the only hope for the town and the whole world! Will you be able to stop the evil harlequin from freeing the Lord of all the Monsters? Find out in our new coming soon game Halloween Chronicles: Monsters Among Us! Subscribe to the news to keep up to date and learn about the release of this game first!

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