fbpx A New Mystery Tale on a Casino Ship!
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A New Mystery Tale on a Casino Ship!

It’s time to take a luxurious rest on board of the best casino cruise ship Princess Lolita! It’s the place where only the most famous and richest people gather to play games of chance and win or lose a fortune. Your friend Virginia is a famous actress, and she was invited to Princess Lolita by the owner himself – William Gladstone! She invited you, and you can’t miss a chance to enjoy the sea breeze, lounges and a good company. However, everything changes as soon as you get aboard. Virginia disappears, and while looking for her you come across the dead body of an oil tycoon in the swimming pool! On top of that, the visions of an evil Joker follow you everywhere, and he wants to show you that you’re not welcome here with your paranormal abilities. Something mysterious and macabre is happening on the ship. William Gladstone, an excellent poker player, steal souls of his rivals and encloses them in playing cards. What is his plan? It looks like another job for the Ghostly Detective! Will you be able to come through different puzzles and mysteries to save the victims of Gladstone’s unfair games?  Find out in our coming soon game of the Mystery Tales series! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter to stay up-to-date!

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