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The Secret City

Do you always believe your eyes when see the things around you? Can you say for sure that the building over there is really what it looks like? And do you believe that we, humans, are the only ones who inhabit this world?

We want to welcome you to the Secret City, the city hidden from the human eyes. It’s the secret side of London, inhabited by unusual creatures – four-armed Lakrians, skillful Dwarves and blue giants Yotuns. As a human and professional detective, you are allowed to see this world and enter it to investigate the case of mysterious murders. You’ll plunge into the net of intiguing events, learn about the history of the Secret City and try to solve the main puzzle – who in the peaceful world of magical creatures decided to start such a mayhem, and for what reason?

Will you be able to go through this tough investigation in the unknown City? Lots of interesting puzzles and mini-games, traditional and interactive hidden-object scenes, beautiful locations and original characters are waiting for you in our brand new game Secret City: London Calling.

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