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The Road to Bermuda

Many of us know that the Bermuda zone with its infamous Bermuda triangle is a mysterious place. But did you know that this is where exactly the Heart of Earth is stored? The Heart of Earth maintains the balance of life on our planet, and any damage caused to it may end up in natural cataclysms and disasters!

This is what Margaret, the sister of the Seeker from the previous parts of the game series, had to witness. An untypical earthquake, then a blackout… On top of that, Davona arrives with the news that our brother was lost! We find out that he was on an expedition somewhere in the Bermuda island and teleport there. But we’re late, and our brother is mesmerized by a runaway criminal Dietrich who make him do everything for him! Dietrich decided to steal the Hearts of not only the Earth, but of several more worlds in order to break the Seekers energy net and be able to open the portals himself. Without wasting time, we start to chase the culprit and our hypnotized brother. We’ll travel through several worlds, meet with their inhabitants in search for help. However, Dietrich will always be a step ahead. Does it mean the worlds are doomed and the Seekers won’t be able to guard peace and safety? Find out in our new coming soon game Labyrinths of the Word: Lost Island! Subscribe to the news or follow us on Instagram or Twitter to always stay up-to-date!

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