Come Back

The Legends of Old

Many years ago, a bodeful and cruel forest spirit Florena hailed her wrath on people for cutting down her woods and ruining the nature. She created forest monsters, who were to kill everyone on their way. However, your father Adam, a skillful and courageous monster hunter, managed to imprison Florena into stone. Now, after several years, a culprit released the evil forest wraith. Florena decided to avenge upon the humankind for both enclosing her in stone, and for damaging nature. Her powers have increased, and now she’s gathering a huge army of bloodthirsty forest monsters who will wipe out the whole humankind. When the new danger strikes, you find out that your father was killed, but he left a special book for you. It’s the Magical Bestiary that contains information about all the monsters and the ways to defeat them. Now it’s up to you and your sister Adele to cope with Florena. You’ll have to cooperate with a lot of people willing to help you, meet new and old friends. You’ll also have to go through the whole country in search for a way to stop Florena and get rid of her forest monsters. Your book will always be by your side, assisting you in most complicated encounters. Will you be able to save the humankind from the wrath of nature and stop Florena? Find out in our new brand game series Spirit Legends: The Forest Wraith Collector’s Edition that is coming soon! Subscribe to the news or our Instagram and Twitter accounts to always stay up to date!

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