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Release of Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger’s Venom Collector’s Edition!

It looked like the problem with Dark Seed was over and all the residents of the Tar Empire could heave a sigh of relief. The life in the Empire has its quiet and peaceful flow, and you – a Medico Imperium Order’s Honored Healer – are invited to see a performance at the Theatre. You go to the general rehearsal only to find that there’re some changes in the program. Now, a sorceress Amber, led by the desire of revenge is the superstar. She infects the people of the Empire with a strange disease, and her plan is to destroy the whole society! Since you’re the only one with an inborn immunity to all kinds of magical diseases, you are now to investigate this case. What is Amber’s magic about? Is this infection curable? What is the villain’s purpose? And most important, will you be able to stop her and save the people’s health and lives?

Find out in our newly released game of the marvellous Enchanted Kingdom series – Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger’s Venom Collector’s Edition! A lot of interesting puzzles, HOPs and picturesque landscapes are waiting for you in this game. Click here to learn more! And subscribe to the news in order never to miss a release of our games!

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