fbpx Phantom of the Opera Returns… Now in Dark Romance!
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Phantom of the Opera Returns… Now in Dark Romance!

Christine is a successful opera singer, whose performances always play to a full house. Hundreds of people gather to listen to her angelic voice. Raul is a noble earl, whose heart was stricken by Christine’s beauty, talent and kind nature. Now he’s on verge of making the most important decision of his life – to propose to Christine.

What could possibly go wrong in this idyllic couple relationship? They think that no one can come between them, but they don’t know that behind the mirror in Christine’s dressing room there’s a dungeon full of dangerous traps and inhabited by suffering ghosts. Formerly famous composer and opera manager Isaac Cloden spent years in this dungeon under the Opera House in his search for the voice as beautiful as the one to die for. A horrible fire was like a doom for Isaac’s opera manager career and his social contacts, so he decides to gather a troupe of ghostly musicians to perform the master-piece of his life – “The Ghostly Opera”! The only thing is – there’s no such voice that can perform the leading role. At last, Isaac finds the crowning gem, admirable Christine, and nothing seem to stop them to obtain her and make her the member of this troupe of ghosts.

But will earl Raul Delacroix give in easily? Of course not! He and Christine will have to come through a variety of differences and overcome the most impossible hindrances in order to save their love! Will they eventually succeed, or the power of magic is stronger than the power of love? Find out in Dark Romance: A Performance to Die For Collector’s Edition, our new game that is coming soon!

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