fbpx Dragon Exhibition in Enchanted Kingdom!
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Dragon Exhibition in Enchanted Kingdom!

An interesting archaeological discovery was made in the Tar Empire – a petrified dragon was found in a perfect condition! Empress Patricia decided to make an exhibition and show the dragon to the public. However, Dr. Klein is worried about the dragon because he turned to be Gromoss – one of the most cruel dragon leaders.

We go to the Royal Palace to take a look at the dragon, and he revives! He tells us about his plans to resurrect an army of dark demonic dragons and turn all the residents of the Empire into his servants by spreading his infection! We are to save the Empire from the disaster and stop Gromoss and his dark ambitions. During our adventure, we’ll learn about the war between humans and dragons, about the alliance that was finally concluded, meet new people with their interesting life stories and go through lots of intriguing plot twists! Beautiful locations, brain teasing puzzles, detailed hidden object scenes are waiting for you in our coming soon game Enchanted Kingdom: The Fiend of Darkness Collector’s Edition!

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